Hello, we are New!
Passionate identity & design studio from Vilnius. 

What we do

We create identities and designs for restaurants, food, beverages, start-ups and everyone who is in need for mastery in branding, packaging, websites and communication at large.
We are independent creative unit and small

on purpose - that way we can invent super personal, intimate experiences for small businesses with carefully selected outstanding talent which never comes in large quantities.

Why us

We care a lot.
We dig deep.
We sweat the small stuff.
We always look for new ways.


We've been awarded for our design solutions (identities, packaging, logos, other), and talked about:

It’s Nice That
Creative Review

And was the only agency featured twice in recent KNIFE & FORK book of visual identities for restaurants.


How we do it

We talk with you.
We get to know you.
We digest.
We get back to you with initial ideas.
We talk.
You decide on direction.
We visualise it.
We talk.
It comes to life.

It looks kind of easy, it is not easy. But we make it feel as smooth as possible.

Stebuklai Fine Dining

Stebuklai ("Wonders" in English) is a wondrous restaurant, specialising in modern Baltic food. The venue required an identity that set it on a par with the very best of Europe’s culinary cities. We've created an identity, which starts from

naming, continuing to shape-shifting logo, then to a menu and finally to a space full of stories and peculiar visuals  – all around a central concept of small bits of magic in every step, or, should we say, bite.

Drama Burger

There are fast food burgers, there are burgers and then there are gourmet burgers, where meat is grilled differently, bun is home cooked, ingredients are more outlandish and more tasty. A few well travelled men decided to open such place in

Vilnius. They needed some fresh name and fresh approach to how burger joints look. For main theme in Drama Burger's identity, we have picked a unique visual, hand-drawn style of weird characters in surreal world of burgers.

Ali Chocolaterie

It is always a challenge to transform taste to a visual form and with this colossal task on our backs we designed an identity for the young chef Ali and his meticulous attention to crafting the tastiest chocolate inspired desserts.

We've casted chocolate as our main star and showed the crumbs of chocolate bar in Ali's name. As if to say - this is the place where something unpredictable happens.


This one works 24-7:


We also have an bigger, idea generating division, where we work in wide spectrum of communication: from strategies to campaigns, from old school TV to new school digital.

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