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What we do

We create identities and designs for restaurants, food, beverages, start-ups and everyone who is in need for mastery in branding, packaging, websites and communication at large.

We are independent creative unit and small on purpose - that way we can invent super personal, intimate experiences for small businesses with carefully selected outstanding talent which never comes in large quantities.

Why us

We care a lot.
We dig deep.
We sweat the small stuff.
We always look for new ways.


We've been awarded for our design solutions (identities, packaging, logos, other), and talked about:

It’s Nice That
Creative Review

And was the only agency featured twice in recent KNIFE & FORK book of visual identities for restaurants.


How we do it

We talk with you.
We get to know you.
We digest.
We get back to you with initial ideas.
We talk.
You decide on direction.
We visualise it.
We talk.
It comes to life.

It looks kind of easy, it is not easy. But we make it feel as smooth as possible.

Brands for sale

Eats & Learns

Better than a well-nourished child is a clever well-nourished child. And kids do learn fast. These playful, but educating packagings help to learn while eating.

They teach the names of animals with every letter of the product's name. And it’s only the beginning, EATS & LEARNS can teach kids so many other things.

Brands for sale

Tea Bunch

Bunch of fruits, berries and tea herbs. We really wanted to be a compliment to oneself:

cheerful and playful. Bright illustrations and juicy colours make it a fest of natural tastes.

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There's no better, cleaner or more pure goodness to drink than water. It does really make you feel light & beautiful.

It makes you bloom. That's the feeling we've expressed in this tender and elegant brand.

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Sometimes it's a challenge to make your child eat. You've got to play and keep one interested.

Inspired by this, we created a food brand for kids using playful and fun hand-stamped animals.

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Inside every man there's a little boy. Who used to play indians in the woods and speak a secret language.

One of the words was TOOSKALOOSKA. A sip or can of it reminds you of something you've been really missing.

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This might be the most simple brand ever. It's for those who stock up on simple products like bread, flour, pasta, milk, etc.

Main products are simple. And in this rollercoaster world simple is good.

Brands Already Sold

Ali Chocolaterie

It is always a challenge to transform taste into a visual form and with this colossal task on our backs we designed an identity for the young chef Ali and his meticulous attention to crafting the tastiest chocolate inspired desserts.

We’ve casted chocolate as our main star and showed the crumbs of chocolate bar in Ali’s name. As if to say — this is the place where something unpredictable happens.

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Planet Ice-cream

We’ve invented the whole world for the ice-cream brand: name, legend, ice-cream volcano, which spews different syrups, the denizens, who have essentially adapted their entire existence - physique and capabilities - to ice-cream production.

In other words, we’ve created the planet and put it on the packaging. Every pack represents a different melting flavour and a new inhabitant, who is responsible for the tastiness.

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IKI Farm

IKI, a huge supermarket chain in Lithuania, decided to offer a line of products, carefully produced by local farmers. The packaging introduces naturally grown, personally supervised goods and the farmers who take care of them.

Earthly colours, brown paper, engraved illustrations, everything whispers, it’s as honest as food can get.

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Verona Fizzy Wine

We aimed for sophisticated and classy look while creating a new packaging design for the carbonated fermented wine drink.

We gave it flamboyance, an expensive look and Italian character.

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Hello Hungry

It is a perfectly balanced liquid meal for the office people. We, co-creators of the new product, wanted it in no way to resemble a protein shake or a fruity dessert, because it’s not. It’s a liquid meal rich of goodness.

So we illustrated the ingredients and crafted words to convince people to throw away junk food snacks and give themselves a nutritious medal for the hard work.

Brands Already Sold

Agapi Olive Oil

More than ordinary oil. It’s balanced for those who care what’s stocked in their cupboards.

Delicate and minimal package together with educational facts about the product are what represent a real, quality extra virgin olive oil.


This one works 24-7:


We also have a bigger, idea generating division, where we work in wide spectrum of communication: from strategies to campaigns, from old school TV to new school digital.

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